Sites Every Red Blooded Male Should Be Bookmarking

I started helping men by advising them on fashion and lifestyle in 2005.  I don’t do it as often as I like but since alot of men read this blog, this would be the perfect spot to suggest some of the best resources out there for men that they can peruse without getting in trouble..

1.  Cool Material – this happens to be a site for men who love tech gadgets and well, just like the name, all things cool.  It is for the man who doesn’t need but merely wants..

2.  Esquire UK – Love the u|x of this site.  Simple clean. Oh so British.  The US site is a complete mess.   Perfect for the man who keeps up on sartorial happenings and is an international jetsetter.

3.  English Cut – ok, ok.. Can you tell I am a little obsessed with the Brits?  Seriously though, Thomas Mahon is one of the best tailor’s on Savile Row.  If you are ever in London…it is worth the investment.

4.  Alltop – Shameless plug for Guy Kawasaki’s site that aggregates news by category.  It is simple and easy.  Guy is awesome. I’ve interviewed him, hung out with him.  He is just a great businessman.  Read his book Enchantment.

5.  TopGear – Love this show.  Informative and not above my head as a woman.  Sexy and funny. Huge crush on Jeremy.  Just wish he could see me drive that Lambo…

6.  Mr. Porter.  – Net -a-Porter realized that men like to shop and care about how they look so Mr. Porter was born.   High end fashion, style tips and a retail shopping mecca so you can watch the market and your shopping cart..

7.  The Contributing Editor – Have a hankering for some badass editorial and hot, edgy models? Look no further.  Matthew Edelstein knows what he is talking about because after all, he is the former Editor of Details.  Cool stuff.

8.  How to Spend it FT’s lifestyle magazine that I am lucky if it doesn’t get stolen from my doorstep is now online. Check it out if you have an ipad. The desktop version is a little clunky.

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