Independence for Independents

How was your 4th of July?  This Independence day was probably the best one yet.  It was low key but I made some new friends and that made it special.     It turns out that the girl I went out with twice, makes a cool friend.

We started out at the Cubbyhole first, which is the hottest lesbian bar in NYC.  The drinks aren’t great but the company always is…What is fabulous about this place is the ambience – small and cozy – filled with colored streamers hanging from the ceiling and awesome music – a mix of 80’s and pop.

One of the women is a chef on movie sets and so it was fun gossiping about Hollywood and getting the inside scoop about how “alternative” these actors really are. Let’s just say that there are some v. big name actors that love cock.    Eyes Wide Shut should of really been a documentary..lol  Knowing this, I have a new found respect for some of these well known thespians.  That is just so hot.

Dinner at Extra Virgin in the West Village.  Highly recommend.  This is one of my top 10 now.  Fabulous food, reasonable prices and intimate atmosphere.  Who cares if the service is just ok when everything else is so great and champagne bottles are so reasonably priced?  lol   My friends picked up the tab in honor of my bday which really touched me.   It was just a great time to hang out with such cool, interesting people who are gay.  Did I mention that?  I don’t have many gay friends so its nice to finally met some women who can allow me to explore that part of myself a little more..

Watching the fireworks on West St I was reminded that we live in a country that people are dying to get into.  Where the possibilities are what you make it. Nothing is stopping you but you. Our fore fathers had tremendous foresight, determination and courage to fight for fundamentals that we may now sometimes take for granted.   I know I have been guilty of it.  I am v. thankful to live in a country where I am not persecuted for my choice in profession or beliefs.

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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