Every time I travel somewhere new I like to share my experiences with my readers. After my disasterous Raleigh trip, i wasnt really sure what to expect from Boston, although culturally they are different.

On Tuesday, I arrived in Waltham, a suburb about 15 minutes from Boston, and well known for being the technology and defense hub. I realized my first appointment wasnt until the next afternoon and so a night out with my Irish uncle was in order. The only beer I drink is Guinness and over a couple of pints at a pub in Boston, my trip started out on the perfect note.

Let me just say that the men here are amazing! So kinky! They really bring out my twisted side. Lol I love to talk dirty, kiss and maintain eye contact. The real treat was getting to “snowball” two men in one night….i had never tried that before with anyone but my Master and found it highly erotic.

I am in town until Saturday so i look forward to hearing from you…

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