Today is the Gay Pride Parade.  I was supposed to be walking in it with my Lez Factor Meetup group but I opted to go to 11 am Solemn Mass at St. Ignatius instead.   It is the only time of the week where I can really meditate and quietly reflect into the past week’s events, actions and my reactions into situations, etc..After mass I always light two candles – one for my Master and one for my family and I leave church feeling renewed. 

I give of myself physically and emotionally every day.  As a slave and as a whore your boundaries are pushed but I wouldn’t be in that position if I didn’t want to be.  I get asked often by my vanilla friends how I have the stamina to give so much and don’t I just crave a normal life with a regular job?  No way!  A label doesn’t define you.  A lesbian or TS is more than just their sexuality.  Yes, sometimes I get physically and emotionally tired but then I go to church and I thank God for being there. or I call my 4 year old niece or do something nice for myself and I am replenished again.  
I am a slave. I am a whore.  I am bisexual.   First and foremost, however,  I am just me. Olivia. Lexy. However you know me.  
your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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