Etiquette for the Discerning Gentleman Caller

I’m coming up on the 6 month anniversary since I left my vanilla corporate life behind for a less conventional career.   I thought it might be nice to offer some basic rules of Etiquette so we can ensure a more accommodating experience..

1.  When calling me, please state your name as if you are speaking to a friend.  You are looking to make a new friend after all.  I am v. relaxed and approachable.

2.  The sexiest thing a man can do with me is make me laugh. A great sense of humor gets my engines roaring.

3. Screening is MANDATORY.   You must trust that I am discreet and have your best interest and safety in mind.  Please be prepared to give a reference or your work information.

4.  I believe in reciprocity and seek to show appreciation to loyal clients.   My time is set at a certain value  and therefore is not open to negotiation.  Please be sure that you check my rates before you call.  You can also check my specials page as I am currently running a Father’s Day promotion.

5.  Good hygiene is critical.  My pussy is always waxed and bare and is nice and fresh so I expect that if you haven’t arrived freshly showered, you will ask to take a shower…

6.  While I cream for a man in a suit, feel free to express your own sartorial style..

7.  Remember our time together is just that.  Our time.  A time for pleasure, relaxation and release..however it happens..

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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