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Every so often I am called up to be the “Cruise Director” at the DDevious Delights midweek playgoups.  What is my Ddevious Delights and what is my responsibility? Well, as a private swing group for lifestyle couple, it is my job to make sure the one or two single men that are invited are assimilated well into the group.  That assimilation includes everything from chatting and making introduction, to taking their clothes off at the appointment time and well, getting on my knees (blush…) 

This particular Thursday I was excited though because it had been awhile since I had played with the organizer, Cat, who also happens to be the co-organizer of our Executive GBs.   She is pretty shy and me being the exhibitionist I am was enjoying the idea of fucking her with my strap on in front of a room of 30  people.  The excitement and curiosity int he room was palpable.  I was dress in a garter and stocking and I had a pink shiny strap on around my waist with a silicon cock ready for penetration.

Cat has v. soft lips so it is always fun to make out with her.  We definitely gel well together and feeling her get wet as I pressed my fingers inside of her was a huge turn on.  Pushing myself inside of her with Glamazon, my silicon dildo, felt so good as I fucked her doggy style.  It seemed as if the room stopped playing and all eyes were on us…We were live porn for them…had these couples never seen a girl with a strap on fucking another woman? Surely, my reality can’t be the norm…

Once she realized, all eyes were on her, Cat became self conscious and happy to have gotten some playtime time in went back to ensuring that the wine was flowing and the condom bowls were refreshed.

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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