The Art of Giving

Warning:  This blog post is intensely personal and should not be ready by people with hard hearts, unempathetic spirits or Grinch-like behavior.

In my daily, I am always giving pleasure.  Giving pleasure to my clients, finding ways to please my Master,  and trying to accommodate family and friends. I have forgotten along the way about taking care of my spirit. 
We all are guilty of it.  The business of our daily life often takes precedence over the things we need to do for ourselves, even in the smallest of ways.  Some of us use the gym as a way to get back in touch with ourselves, others use meditation, or reading or birdwatching, whatever it is that helps refocus themselves when they are feeling off kilter.
My job is to provide pleasure as a service and I LOVE my job.  I find something special to enjoy about the experience with everything client and each experience, whether they are a regular or not, is special.
What I have realized is that I need to create more balance in my own life.  It started this morning with quiet meditation for 5 minutes. then this blog post and soon a nice walk along the East River.  Taking a little time for me in the morning, will only make me more capable for receiving pleasure from others.
Remember, it is ok to be good to yourself.  Martyrs are generally not pleasant people to be around…
your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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