Mad for Men

Mad Men is one of my favorite shows and generally I don’t watch much TV.  I love it because I  worked in the advertising and media world for almost 15 years and it is such smart and true to the industry and characters.  My favorite character?  Mr. Roger Sterling, of course. 

What I love most about the show is the ebb and flow of the character’s story lines.  I appreciate the humanization of Don Draper now that he found a woman who has opened his heart.  Pete Campbell…what a surprise. I thought he was such  a goody two shoes but that was by far the hottest sex scene on tv without actually showing them fucking. I wanted to fuck him and her.   I would have masturbated but I am slave and so I am not allowed unless I have permission.  The point is that was HOT. Who knew Pete Campbell was such a bad boy?

Now on to my favorite..Roger Sterling..I’m waiting for the king of the jungle to pounce. Surely they are deliberately making his story like tame just for the time being and something will happen between him and the delicious Joan, mother of his son.  

I have had some pretty wild times myself with some media titans of industry and the more C’s they have in their title the freakier and hotter they are to be with..That is all I will say. 

Until next week…..

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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