Brotherly Love, Indeed

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia for hosting me and my friend Sofia this weekend.  I made the journey to Philly on Sofia’s suggestion because she has a fairly large and loyal client base there and she said the guys are v. nice.  Indeed they were.

First, I want to quickly note that for now on this blog will be written “I” to make it more relatable.  Although it is natural for me to write in third person,  you might relate more in first.

Moving on….

The gentlemen of Philadelphia are v. low key.  They are polite and definitely  have high freak numbers which I like. I enjoy a man who loves to kiss and one that understands how to tap into my truly dirty side.   I got both last week.

I never realized I would enjoy role playing so much.  I was the mother, the Country Club slut, who drank too much champagne and sucked too much Valet cock.  My son was home from his ivy league college and upon hearing these rumors was threatening to tell my Investment Banker husband who spent way too much time at the club drinking Scotch with his cronies. Luckily, the mother has eyes and ears everywhere and had a secret on her son, threatening to expose his sub-par grades if he didnt comply with her demands and show her just what it was that was keeping him from straight As.

Dress in a tight straight skirt, garter and stockings, crisp white blouse and 5″ white snakeskin stilettos,  I aggressively move in by taking off my skirt trying to get “more comfortable”. My “son” was obviously shocked but judging by his other reaction, extremely in awe.  With one little threat, I forced his cock out of his trouser pants and there it stood in all of its hardness and glory, crying out to be sucked by my wet, Chanel Gossamer glossed lips.

I fucked and sucked like a Country Club slut that day and it was a great time being able to go with someone’s fantasy.

Your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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