Tour Dates

It is v. excited about touring this summer.  May will kick off the official “whore tour” starting with the city of Brotherly love, Philadelphia- May 3 – 5.  As a teenager this was its stomping ground, before it lived in NYC, living close to Rittenhouse Square for 2 years.  

The CT Gold Coast is the next stop on the “whore tour” May 8 & 9.  It will be centrally located at an upscale hotel on the Greenwich/Stamford line for the convenience of our reverse commuters and knowing how horrendous the traffic can be locally for businessmen.

Moving down the coast, to Raleigh, NC, into the heart of the “Research Triangle”, May 16-18.   It happened to be checking client references with an Agency down in Raleigh, cheekily known as Charlez Angelz, and in speaking with the owner, ended up booking a tour visit!  Jill is so smart, sweet and oh so hospitable – she offered to pick it up from the airport! This is definitely the trip it is looking forward to the most.  If you are ever down in Raleigh, these girls are the only ones to see…

So yes,  it will  be officially blogging from the road for a good deal of the summer…and it might even start a tumbler blog to document these trips as every city has something unique and special about it and it is looking into taking an architecture class in the fall…

Its good friend and fellow courtesan, Sofia Russo will  also be joining on some trips as well including Philadelphia and Stamford, CT.  

Stay tuned……..

your kinky courtesan, xx

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