Sensual Topping

Good Friday night.  It was anything but good, quite naught actually.  He came over looking for a sensual topping session with a GFE component – its sweet spot.  Candles lit. Massage oil and satin bondage revealed.  The slut answered the door is Swarovski covered crystal stilettos, black lace stocks and garter and a purple corset.

He wanted sensory deprivation.  Once the mask was snugly over his head there was no turning back.  His arms tied above his head, it started out slowly by kissing his mouth allowing him to kiss it back.  A full body massage first – covering all the obvious tension spots – back,  chest shoulders and legs and then the more intimate places – ass  and feet.  He started to get greedy as he relaxed and the slut reacted by forcing its 36DD pierced breasts over his hungry lips but not allowing him to suck or lick – it just gently and with micromovments allowed the D rings to glaze his desperate lips.  His cock responded in kind  – thick and hard, standing straight up in the air as if begging for attention.

The slut couldn’t resist a begging cock, it let its nipples graze that beautiful shaft and it merely allowed itself the pleasure of letting its tongue roll around the tip- just to create a moment of tease. The moans began.  Taking that cue it stood on its bed and palms against the wall, sat on his face crush his parched lips with its bare and pierced pussy. “Do not lick until I say so” was the order.  The feel of his hot panting felt incredible against its clit. “Lick”,  it barked.  And like a good submissive he complied.

Since he was behaving, it set him free and when asking politely if he could eat its ass, it complied by arching its back. Handing him a condom, he began to fuck it from behind, while it slowly grinded its asses on thighs.  Finally, it finished by being cruel and squeezing his balls and sucking his cock until he came so hard he couldn’t speak.

Happy Easter.

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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