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Sometimes you think you are definitely going to get along with some and then you meet them and while they are perfectly nice and smart, not v. easy to talk, at least on first impression.  It has a gregarious personality and it prides itself on the fact that when it meets people it always asks them questions and shows interest in them.  Perhaps, there is something to be said for chemistry.

It may be alot of things but one thing it is not afraid to do is put itself out there.  Perhaps she felt it was coming on too strong for her taste by suggesting we get together for brunch sometime, but when the conversation turned to how to meet people and she suggested that she speak to her co-worker who was more of a “networker”,  it realised it was getting passed off.  

You can’t be all things to all people.  There will be times where all factors would  have you get along but sometimes the chemistry just isnt right or sometimes people take a little longer to more up.

Stay tuned….

Women can be so complicated..

your kinky courtesan, xx

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