Today is officially the first day of spring.  It has mentioned in previous post how swift and vast the changes in its life has been as of late and it is surrendering to that change.  

There is meaning behind why things happen and timing is a huge factor.  There are three significant examples it wants to share…

Friendship Loss – A friend recently cut it out of its life completely.  We were each other’s support system and after small argument for which it was ready to make amends for,  this friends cut all ties without any warning in some v. harsh ways.  The manner is not important but the signal was a big FUCK YOU.  Its reaction instead of anger was one of compassion.   Yes, initially it was shocked but the issue is bigger than our friendship and all it can do is wish her peace and goodness because that person clearly has alot of stuff they are dealing with when they react to a minor situation in such an extreme way.   Moving on..

Service Diversification  – Business is slow but there are some positive things happening and it is being proactive.  At the end of March it is going to attend a Tantric Massage workshop as a new service to offer clients.   Through one of its v. good friends, it was introduced to a wonderful Brazilian Mistress, who it will begin sessioning with and learning the ropes of Topping professionally.  A Mistress’ apprentice.  She strictly does BDSM and has been doing so since 2004.

Slave Actions – Recently it began examining its actions. It noticed that its intentions were not always clear and it wasn’t v. good at executive that intent.  The desire to be that slave still exists and probably always will but whether or not it is meant to be is really up to the universe. In the meantime it is focused on improving its life in all capacities – because THAT is how you be a better slave. You can’t ever surrender or serve properly until you are at peace with yourself.  It had always looked at being collared as a goal rather than a process of uncovering and discovering a part of who you are.  It is understanding that gentle and relaxed can be just as intense.    It is committed to this process for itself.    

Yes, the universe is working its magic and it needs to trust.

your kinky courtesan xx