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Being a successful whore is a skill.  It is a whore, a courtesan, a companion. but at its heart it is a whore.  It enjoys the erotic nature of the business. Pleasing for pleasures sake.  We must never forget though that we are in a service industry and this is a business. 

As someone with a marketing & sales background, it recognizes that to have any longevity in this business you must be good at the fundamentals – building a brand, creating a consistent, superior customer experience and client acquisition.

1.  Branding  – Think about what your stand for and a way to personify it.    These will be the building blocking that  you will build and manage your reputation on as a working girl.    Personally,  it prefers to utilize its business background to connect upstairs the brain is the sexiest organ. Hence the naughty business suits and corporate cutie look..Works well for its fetish clients as since it is into the art of sensual

2.  Client Experience –   Our business is just like any other service industry -as a service business it comes down to pleasing the client.  It is understanding their needs and desires and translating that into an experience that will make them return.   Successfully using your God-given tools is an art and listening and understanding body language is critical to the client retention equation.  Men by nature crave  new and exciting, the antithesis of their everyday lives – why do you think the porn industry does so well?  In order to gain loyalty, you have to find and understand what makes them tick and every time create a warm and safe environment for them but also infuse something new into your routine..This is where practice and proactivity on your part will pay off..And don’t be afraid to ever ask your client to write a review on your behalf and post on TER

3. Customer Acquisition – Before you can retain you need to acquire.  Consistency in message is vital.  From the advertising to the website to the in person experience, be what you portray.   It has found that being authentic is always the best approach while protecting your privacy.   Knowing yourself and what makes you unique will also make you profitable because it will radiate from inside out and in a highly competitive market place it is that uniqueness and consistency that makes all the difference.

your kinky courtesan xx

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