What it Has Learned…

“People think chutzpah is in the genes. It isn’t. it’s in the needing and wanting and being willing to fall on your face”  – Helen Gurley Brown

As you know, over the past month it has been going through a slave bootcamp of a kind – a breakdown of its mental and emotional well being to be rebuilt as a stronger more positive person.  It was extremely taxing and at times it wanted to quit but like the saying goes quitters never win and winners never quit…

1.  Listening is a skill.  If you just listen rather than just hear what a person is saying, alot of conflict and drama can be avoided.  Personally, it realized that with its Master it was only hearing what it wanted to interpret and want to hear, not actually what he was saying.

2.  K.I.S.S. – When in doubt this is always best.  Keep It Simple Stupid. Women are emotionally driven, fast moving creatures, it is our natural reaction to over do everything – overthink, over react, overdress, overindulge..you get the picture. Men are slower, steadier moving creatures who just appreciate being taken at face value.

3.  Preparation, Patience & Persistence– Certain goals are not meant to happen overnight or even in in weeks.  The road to collaring can be a long one and there may be many milestones to achieve before it is finally realized.  Staying focused and patience by concentrating on the small steps will create a smoother road to success.

4.  Be honest and clear – When entering into a p/e relationship, even if you are the bottom, it is essential to be clear about what your capabilities are and what it is you are really looking for in a partner. What those are don’t even necessarily need to be vocalised as a good Master will be v. direct  and transparent  on His visions and expectations for the relationship.  

5.  Faking it til you make it Does NOT work – take it from a prospective slave, and someone who has been doing this for awhile, you have to be mentally and emotionally ready to enter into a M/s relationship and it is not for everyone.   Doing it for someone else doesn’t work. You must enter into it because you have a need to serve in a special and unique way not do it because someone wants you to. See points #3 & #4.

6. Believe – In yourself.  It has been 2.5 years in the making and a long, rocky, thrilling and at times v. painful road to this point.  It truly believes it can be a proper slave to the one it is looking to serve.  That said it has become strong enough that if He says differently, it can walk away from Him knowing that it is a much more positive, relaxed and stronger individual as a result of this journey.

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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