The Kissing Conundrum

It is not sure if the movie, Pretty Woman  is to take credit for immortalizing whores for being famous for not kissing but that has become what separates us from non-paid sex.  As a whore, it finds this laughable but only because to me sex is a business and the ability it has to compartmentalise each experience means that everyone will leave their time with it feeling special and unique.

Personally, it LOVES to be kissed.  A deep french kiss drives it wild and gets it immediately cunt immediately slick. It is ironic though because it rarely gets this opportunity.  In its private life it is single and currently under consideration to be a slave.  The Master it is currently answering to, understands how much it values the kiss and therefore sees it as a great reward. 

When you speak about the GFE experience, the difference usually is kissing but often times many freeze up and don’t know how to handle that level of intimacy with a woman they are compensating for time spent with them.  All at once it is interpreting his body language and trying to get him to feel comfortable and maybe a little vulnerable because that is what creates a truly unique and special time.  The feeling of being in sync, cheek to cheek, tongue in tongue, lips on lips immediately creates that bond because you are so close to that person.

It is ironic that men are more comfortable having their cocks sucked or fucking a woman than actually putting their mouth on hers….and so it goes that there has to be something “special” but at the end of the day it believes sex is sex and love is no matter what you are doing.  

The heart is a different organ entirely, emoting something unique and special that can not be reproduced. So don’t be shy to kiss us next time..

your kinky courtesan xx


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