Support Systems

This can be a lonely business, especially when you are independent.  As a neophyte, it has decided to take the proactive approach and reach out to other women in the trade to ask advice and just talk shop.  The reaction, it has received so far has been warm and welcoming and it is meeting with a fellow escort next week.

Escorting is a business just like any other.  The product you offer is somewhat commoditized so it comes down to the experience and the individual selling experience. In that way the biggest competition you face is really yourself.  No matter what you have to always keep pushing forward and staying positive, even through the run around, cancelations, and silences.   Focus on perfecting the business and service end of it. Listen to feedback.

The support systems will help with the burnout and help spur creativity and innovation and its to have friends to relate to. Let’s also not forget that escorts are real women too with feelings, thoughts and interests…It is looking forward to building a community….

your kinky courtesan xx

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