Party Time

Last night was another fantastic night of DDevious playgroup time.  It is sometimes called by the organizers to co-host as a single to entertain the single men who delight in the fact that it is quite the exhibitionist and has oral skills leave them  “unable to cum for the rest of the night” (one man’s words).  
It hasn’t been to parties in a while but as of late it has picked up its co-hosting duties as a way to keep active with its bisexual needs.  Of course, many times it is hit or miss BUT sometimes the mood is just right and the scenes can get pretty hot with some v. intense group play.   It always makes sure to get in the thick of play and find a sweet set of lips to suck on – and by that it means on the face and the cunt!

The slut loves an orgy, the heat of entangled bodies,  sucking on a woman’s large, plump breasts as she is face fucked and it takes a guy doggy style while, she gets fucked.  Its like Twister -the sex version!  Yes, this is ideally how the slut likes to end up at these parties and luckily how it has been at the last couple.

Until the next ddevious delight…

your kinky courtesan xx

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