End of a Chapter

It is happy. Genuinely.  For the first time probably ever.  People in its life have noticed a change in attitude for the better.  All it has wanted was to be His – collared.  Owned. To serve in all ways.   It is not a doormat though.   Slaves are not born, they are made.  It takes a strong, secure individual to be a slave and it takes someone extra special to be its Master.  They are always developing, growing and learning and good Master expects mistakes and is ready to punish with a firm hand followed up with a empathetic embrace.

Life is funny.  People come into your life for different reasons. He is extremely special. Being a slave is a special role. The emotional, mental and physical toll it puts on it can be overwhelming and a good Master takes his role v. seriously, understanding that even at a basic level slaves have needs too in order to serve their Master to the best of their ability.

His needs are its needs.  His wants are its wants. His desires are its desires. Plain and simple.  It fears failing, it fears disappointing Him but then it takes a deep breath and looks at its life from the long term and knows that having his commitment would quiet it and make it invincible. That is what a good Master does – empowers.

This culmination of almost 2.5 years has been quite an experience. Ironically, it wasn’t because of the time spent together and the experience but more because of what it has learned about itself.  

And so it senses the end of this chapter, the final chapter. It is ready and strong enough to either move on to the next stage – the path to collaring, or letting go and moving on.

The next chapter will be v. excited either way – a life as a collared slave or an independent whore living its dream.

It will never apologize for loving Him either way because whether He is in its life not, it always will.

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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