Slave Thoughts Remixed

It is important to recognize when your life is at a crossroads and to take appropriate action. When it lost its vanilla job, it opened up opportunity.  The opportunity to live a life it has dreamed of for 2 years, meshing its kink and vanilla life completely.

This is has been a process.  A journey it is still continuing on.  Here are a few things it has learned so far….

 – Slaves aren’t doormats.  From a vanilla perspective, many people would assume that because of the nature of the shift in power, the slave is a doormat to be walked on.  A slave must have a strong sense of self as  it takes someone quite special to selflessly give and always think of his needs before your own.

Live the life for YOU not HIM.  This is a critical point because many slaves get involved when they are still finding themselves and are seduced by the narcissistic need to be needed.  Take a step back and examine WHAT attracts you to the relationship and if the answer is because its the only way to be with him……RUN.  In the meantime, indulge in the lifestyle for YOU.

As slaves we are not lovers, best friends or counselors.  We are how you mold us.  We are special creatures ready to be what you need.

A Good Master Doesn’t Waste  a Good Slaves time.  It could be easy for a Master to string a slave along with the potential opportunity to be collared. However, an unselfish and understanding Master would be honest in with his limitations.

Always Assume You are Not the Only One.  This statements speaks for itself.  If you are his slave you are special in your own right and you be called upon to prepare other women.

-Enjoy.  Being a slave is not easy but it can be v. rewarding. If you aren’t having fun, what’s the point?

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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