Self-awareness.  A 2 year journey and climbing.  Never in this life did it ever envision it could have what it truly wants, that it could reconcile its wants and desire of vanilla and kink in unity one another, brick by brick… That is why it is so fascinated by architecture,  the beautiful buildings that envelope old towns and modern cities, made up of somewhat ordinary materials but when combined with structure, discipline and originality – a one of a kind.

For so long it was burdened by fear and insecurity.  The stuff that nobody really talks about.   A journey of self-discovery and honesty because when one choose the lifestyle of a slave,  the only thing you have is the strength of your inner being to guide you..

Last week it suffered like no other.  A naked, raw pain of exposure of spirit and isolation.  It wasn’t sure if  it could come out of the weeds..Then without thinking, the sun rose, and life just got better.  Something clicked without overthinking.

Will it end up collared?  Who knows…It only knows that this lifestyle is about being comfortable with who you are..and acceptance of yourself for what you are and the ability to stay true and have a sense of humor.

Thank you for letting it share…..

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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