Reflecting on the Past, To Understand the Future

Over the weekend it reactivated it’s Blackberry to have an additional phone for work.  In doing that it was able to read the old bbm messages that existed between it and its former Master.   A relationship, 2 years in the making officially ended in December due to the careless  words and actions of this slut.  It was eye opening to say the least, and just what it needed as the messages revealed quite a bit…

It will take accountability for a few things that created the mess unpleasant situation situation that has existed, particularly over the the last few months..

1. it lost is “amazingness” –  He said “if you are amazing I will never stray, if you are not, I will use you when I can” .  No longer is it at the amazing point and it hasn’t been there for awhile.   Its confidence became overshadowed by insecurity. Insecure that you are smart enough, successful enough or just plain good enough – some other woman will be better.  Eventually, if you keep saying it, it comes true.  You are no longer a priority.  Like a virus it began to spread into almost every aspect of the relationship. There were no boundaries. anymore. Time to reclaim..

2. lost in translation? – admittedly, it loves to talk.  While it has always prided itself on being a good listener,  it has developed a habit of hearing and interpreting things in its own way.  Not taking what is said at face value.  Is this an issue of trust? Stubbornness?  Simplicity is key.

3.  Its in the Actions, not words… In a p/e relationship you are only as good as what you “do” not what you “say”.  Consistency in action is what builds a lasting, strong, harmonious relationship.

4. Like Frankie says “relax”..it has finally learned to shut up and be honest.  If it can be honest, open and vulnerable..what is the point?

Slaves are special creatures and when they blossom the bond that develops with its Master is unbreakable.   It is a powerful thing to own a life.

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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