M/s – Understanding True P/E

As it evolves in this lifestyle, the understanding and behavior of what it truly means to be a slave to a Master become more apparent – its not based in lust, or love, rather its based trust, loyalty and the need to forfeit control to another.

A slave is an an object, not a person. It is guided, disciplined and protected by its Master but it may never necessarily be loved.  If enters into an M/s relationship with vanilla relationship expectations it is surely a recipe for disaster.

Personally, it took this slave a long time to fully understand and be completely vulnerable.  It needed to understand that it would never be its Master’s lover or best friend.  Master don’t make love to slaves.   They fuck their slaves – how they see fit or not.  They may make love to others in front of you though.  A good Master is always transparent because his slave will never ask questions.

You may be asking yourself – why be a slave?  Sounds like you are getting the short end…Not at all.   On the contrary, slaves have the strongest minds and wills.  It is a gift to give a Master total power and control over your being and if they are good, they don’t take their responsibilities lightly.

The journey is never complete and a healthy M/s relationship is never stagnant always pushing and growing both sexually and emotionally.  Yes, it takes highly evolved, emotional mature individuals to successful maneuver the ins & outs of p/e.

When challenges arise, as they often will, it is important to remember never to do or say anything that could be irreparable.   Words often have a much longer lasting sting than sadistic implement.

Take it from someone who had a v. bumpy ride and is finally on the smooth path to promise…

your kinky courtesan xx

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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